HD Screencasts for GO Enthusiasts

Presented in HD and available on your computer, tablet or mobile phone, MetaCasts.tv digs deep into Go to help you better understand topics such as testing, concurrency, packages and more. Level up your Go now with MetaCasts.tv.

GO the Right Way

Each week you'll gain access to a new, HD quality, episode. Each episode is designed to teach one aspect of the Go programming language using straightforward, and real-world, examples, in easy to consume chunks.

In-depth Explanation

Episodes focus on one topic in the Go ecosytem. Using pratical, and real-world, examples you'll not only gain knowledge on the subject at hand, but real code you can use in your projects today!

Weekly Release

Each week a new episode is delivered to you in pristine HD quality. Episodes are of a "manageable" length, usually around 15 minutes each. This makes them perfect to consume over breakfast, while commuting, or when you just have a few minutes free.

Watch Anywhere

MetaCast episodes can be watched on your computer, mobile phone, tablet and more! With your subscription you get a custom iTunes link that let's you subscribe to new episodes directly from iTunes, meaning they're ready to go when you are! Don't use iTunes, and still want to watch episodes offline, simply download the episode directly and away you go.