• #79 - Web Components

    In this episode we'll learn how to use the experimental Web Components spec to create new HTML5 elements. We'll also learn how to change the prototype of these elements, as well as the call back life cycle for a web component.

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  • #78 - Three Sea Shells

    In this very special episode we'll learn how to use the three sea shells, as made famous in the movie Demolition Man.

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  • #77 - ActiveModel::Serializers

    In this episode we will use TDD to write a custom JSON serializer using ActiveModel::Serializers. We'll learn about how to use scope to determine which attributes to serialize. We'll also look at some of the changes in the forth coming 0.9.0 release, including breaking changes around using URL helpers in a serializer.

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  • #76 - Bash Scripting Pt. 2

    Bash is a sh-compatible shell found on almost every installation of Unix, Linux, and Mac OS X. In this episode we'll continue to learn more about writing Bash scripts. This episode will cover conditionals, `for` and `while` loops, functions, and passing arguments to the script.

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