• #94 - Basic Go Web Apps

    In this episode we'll cover the basics of building web applications in Go. We'll learn how to use simple functions to handle web requests. Next we'll move on to learn about using the `Handler` interface. We'll move quickly into accessing query string parameters from a request. Finally we'll learn how to decode a JSON payload to a `struct` and then marshal and render the JSON back to the response.

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  • #93 - Go Templates

    In this episode we'll learn the basics of using templates in Go applications. We'll learn how to set up templates and execute them with a binding to a struct. We'll also learn how to embed one template inside of another, as well as learn about contextually aware escaping within a template.

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  • #92 - Quartz

    In this episode we'll look at using the Quartz gem to Go code from Ruby applications. We'll explore the interface between the two languages, how to use go routines from Ruby, and finally we'll look at performance using the Quartz gem.

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  • #91 - Faraday

    In this episode we'll learn how simple the Faraday gem is for making HTTP requests. We'll also learn how to build Faraday middleware to wrap requests.

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  • #90 - Ruby: Method

    In this episode we'll learn how to query methods in Ruby to learn about their arity, find out how many, and what kind of parameters they require. We'll also learn about turning a method into a `Proc` and attaching the method to another class.

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