• #102 - Routing Pt. 2

    In this week's episode we'll revise the application we built in last week's episode. Instead of building our own router we'll look at using two of the most popular third party routers for Go applications, Pat and Mux.

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  • #101 - Routing Pt. 1

    In this episode we look at the basics of routing in Go web applications. Using TDD we'll build up a simple router that switches on request method and urls.

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  • #100 - Bundling Assets

    In this episode we'll learn how to bundle static assets, such as templates, JavaScript, and more in a Go binary. We'll also learn how to access and serve those assets in our Go application.

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  • #99 - SQL Nulls

    In this week's episode we'll look at how to handle null database values. We'll also learn how to write custom types to handle null values, as well as properly encode/decode them to/from JSON.

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  • #98 - Packages

    In this week's episode we'll learn how packages in Go applications are organized. We'll also look at the different ways that packages can be imported. We'll also look at how to test Go packages.

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